Welcome new students, current students and families!

As a child, my mother, Janell Lemire, taught the harp in our home and I would often hear her working with students, helping them grow as musicians and individuals. I came to Minneapolis to study with Kathy Kienzle, principal harpist of the Minnesota Orchestra, teacher at Mac Phail Center for Music, and instructor at the University of MN.  She encouraged my teaching and I continued my study in the summers, attending teacher training with Mary Kay Waddington. I am an accredited Suzuki Harp Teacher of all four of the harp books. Teaching the harp to children and adults, I see the enjoyment learning the harp can be to all ages and musical ability levels. I see so much growth, not only musically but also in many other areas of my students’ lives. I am so happy to be working with all of you.  Let’s get harping!!!

New and Interested Harp Students:

I teach students of all ages and ability levels—all are welcome! I encourage my students to supplement their lesson materials with music they are interested in. I schedule casual performances for students to share what they are working on and what they have learned, as well as group activities to get to know the other students.

Students are welcome to start at any point during the year, but please contact me about availability. I keep a studio at MacPhail Center for Music near downtown Minneapolis, which is a hugely valuable resource. I also travel to students’ home for an additional fee. Please view the current lesson policy for details. 

Current Students:

Please visit the Student Tools for practice charts, notes and lesson information.

Web links for you to explore:

Harp.com is a giant resource for harpists. Here you can order any supplemental reading music, music for your own enjoyment and performing, strings and tuning equipement, benches, bags and SO MUCH MORE!

Lyonhealy.com is a harpmaker in Chicago, IL. All harpists should make a trip to this factory, or their store Lyon and Healy West in Salt Lake City, Utah to play their wonderful instruments and look at the music and fun knick-knacks. Students looking to purchase a new, used or larger-sized harp-- this site is a great place to start your search.

Suzukiharpinfo.com is a new website designed by Mary Kay Waddington as a resource for Suzuki Harp families and teachers. Here you can read articles written by harp students and teachers, participate in forums, ask questions, and see what is going in the Suzuki Harp World. You can also search for summer Suzuki Harp Camps and Institutes to attend.

Grothmusic.com is a large music store here in the Twin Cities. They deal Lyon and Healy Harps, so stop in and try one out.

MacPhail Center for Music is where I have my studio. MacPhail is a very well regarded music school in Minneapolis which allows for many great opportunities and experiences for students.


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